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This is to let you guys know that key find staff are stars

My wife was involved in an accident and Leon @ Mobility arranged everything for me while I was on my way to the accident scene 22/7/14
Leon had not only arranged the insurance but medics as well that was very unexpected. They inspected my wife and she was taken to the hospital where they kept her overnight but she was fine and could return home the next day.

The best was for me when I eventually got to the accident scene was that Vishana was only praising Leon at Mobility for being in contact with her every 5-10 minutes while she was there and also that the insurance had been in touch with her also every few minutes.

All that I had to do when I got to the accident scene was to sign off the towing document so that the vehicle could be towed away and go with Vishana to the hospital.

My biggest surprise came a month later when I saw Mobility Club had paid for the tow in and the ambulance fees and it cost us nothing. I needed to send you a recommendation thank you letter.

Thank you. You guys are fantastic. God bless.

Pravesh and Vishana

Hi Mobility Club,

I’m Ryan.

FYI, the Keyfind ID tag has been used in two cases of Hi-jacking this year alone. The first on the scene of recovering the vehicles had recognised the ID tags.

All items like cell-phone and wallet were already missing. From the CAR KEY ID TAG, they called the Keyfind number and were assisted in making contact with my Next Of Kin to notify of the unfortunate incident. My Car Key ID tag contains all my relevant emergency contact information, which they use in getting hold of my family.

Your car key is with you 24/7, at home or out. ID Tag your Car key today, every motorist should have one.

Thanks Mobility.

Hi The Moility team,
this TC Ralerumo.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank for the unwavering assistance on Sunday morning.

When my car keys were locked inside the car with the engine running, got frustrated. I tried to open but with no success, just when I was about to break the window something said to me “Hey try the guys from Mobility Club” which I did and you were just the right person at the right time .

The dedication you showed when you organized the relevant people until the locksmith come was something I never expected since my airtime was exhausted .

You continued to follow up with your airtime and updated me all the way .

I really think you deserve a every big thank you.

Thank you so much


2 flat wheels and 1 spare.

Driving day or night on some of our roads is very hazardous. Early Monday morning hours 3:30am my insurance brokers were closed and office hours are from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. So I called Mobility, who through Mobility Care 24/7 would assist me immediately, and get me help.

Thank you for the prompt assistance, hats off to you guys.

Mr J P Venter Klerksdorp

Hi Peter, this is Mr Lebogang from JHB,

Thank you for recovering my car keys in Sandton City mall. I had been to a few shops and had no idea where I left them.

Getting them back while I was there, saved me a lot of headaches.

Also thank you for keeping my information confidential.

I will definitely keep my keys closer now.

Hi Leon.

After my vehicle broke down, the Mobility id tag had assisted me in getting hold of my service provider to come and assist me at no charge due to my cover with them.

I recently changed service providers and had no contact information with me. Within minutes I was verified by my sp and help was on the way.

Thank you Mobility Club for professional and prompt service.

Mr van Niekerk

Hallo Nomfundo,

Mrs Sithole here, thank you for all your help in assisting with my roadside assistance when my car battery let me down.

It was late and dark and I was a little afraid, but you stayed on the line and checked in with me.

The AA jump started me and I was on the way. Those 20 min felt like 2 hours.

Thank you.

Hi Wendy,

Many thanks to all involved in tracing my car keys which I mislaid yesterday, and ensuring that I received them back “safe and sound”. They must have fallen out of my pocket in the parking lot.

I was informed the next morning that my keys have been collected and I have them back.

Thank you for the great service.


Thank you Keyfind for keeping in touch with me on the phone and the progress of accident recovery on the way to my accident scene.

Also the special arrangements made for my vehicle and trailer to both be towed from the scene.

Mr JL Smith
Alliwal North

Just want to say a big thank you for my car keys that was found. Awesome service!!!!

Pretoria North

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