24 Hour Emergency Services Helpline



One Contact Emergency Number 0860 999 899

Lost Car Key Recovery

Emergency Service Evacuation & Transport

Access to Medical Practitioners & Facilities

Access to Trauma Counselling & Crisis Assist

Access to Emergency Medical Advice & Assistance

Access to Roadside Assistance

  • Flat Tyre assistance, 
  • Flat Battery assistance, 
  • Keys Locked Inside a Vehicle,
  • Running out of Fuel (T’s and C’s apply),
  • Tow-in service provided only  in case of Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown in the event of the vehicle breaking down on the side of the road or freeway.
  • We do not provide a pre-booked tow-in service –  only roadside. Should you require a tow-in service from home or from work, please contact your insurance/warranty company to assist.
  • Access to Roadside Assistance

Mobility Legal Assist

  • Traffic Violation Investigation and Assistance,
  • AARTO & NRTA Information,
  • Redirection of Traffic Fines.
  • Renewal Notices
  • Once off Take me Home Service
  • Secure Guard – In the event of your car breaking down a guard will be dispatched if required.

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